Electric Vehicles (EV)

Mobility-As-A-Service: Navigating the EV Innovations in Automotive Electronics

Introduction to the 2023 Automotive Electronics Transition The automotive electronics landscape is on the brink of a transformative leap. In…

Daniel Patrick Daniel Patrick

Hyundai Unveils Futuristic eVTOL with Supernal at CES 2024

At the forefront of revolutionary transportation, Hyundai Motor Group is transcending boundaries with its latest venture into advanced air mobility…

Conal Cram Conal Cram

Hertz Shifts Gears: Selling 20,000 EVs to Refocus on Gas-Powered Vehicles Amid Market Challenges

Introduction to Hertz's Strategy Reversal In a significant change of direction, Hertz Global Holdings Inc., a leading player in the…

John Connor John Connor
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